cyclelogistics - Moving Goods by Cycle

Running from May 2011 until April 2014 and spanning 11 countries, the EU-funded project CycleLogistics aims to reduce energy used in urban freight transport by replacing unnecessary motorised vehicles with cargo bikes for intra-urban delivery and goods transport in Europe. CycleLogistics has now left its niche market position and is a serious alternative for the transportation of light goods in inner cities. So far, this has been achieved by:

  • Communicating topic and potential to the transport sector in order to shift more goods transport from cars to cargo bikes. Existing cycle couriers are alos encouraged to transport heavier loads by utilising electric assist.
  • Motivating municipalities to create a favorable regulatory framework and policies for cycle logistics, to analyze the internal potential to employ cargo bikes for municipal services, and to encourage business services to take advantage of cycle logistics.
  • Encouraging private individuals to use cargo bikes, trailers and baskets to transport shopping and leisure time equipment, while at the same time ensuring that retailers provide customers with incentives and necessary infrastructure.
  • Testing and reporting on various cargo bike transport products (cargo bikes, trailers, electric motors and bags & baskets), and therefore promoting their uptake by providing potential consumers – private, business and government – across Europe with access to valuable information. Also, an on-line product data for cargo bikes, trailers and bags and panniers is now available
  • Establishing the European Cyclelogistics Federation - as the first professional body which represents and supports the needs of cycle logistics companies across Europe.