Shop-by-bike campaigns

There is a huge potential for private individuals to use the bike for the transport of goods considering that 80% of all shopping goods could be transported via bicycle or bicycle trailer, according to an Austrian study. This refers not just to the shopping bags that fit neatly in a bicycle basket. There are endless possibilities for the transport of goods via bicycle, that are further expanded with the addition of carrier racks, panniers, trailers, etc. In fact, the baseline study of the CycleLogistics project suggests that private logistics trips amount to over two thrids of the potential with regard to a shift from car to bicycle.

The Shop-by-bike campaign aims to alter the shopping behaviour of private individuals in order to shift unnecessary car trips towards increased sustainability.

In the Shop-by-bike campaigns carried out during the CycleLogistics project over 1000 citiezens have participated in a 1month test programme and carried out their shopping with bicycle baskets, pannier bags and/or bicycle trailers. It could be demonstrated clearly that bicycles are often the most efficient vehicles to transport shopping goods or leisure equipment in urban areas.

In addition, CycleLogistics aims to raise awareness among supermarkets and retailers regarding the necessity to improve conditions for cycleing customers. This includes not only the provision of infrastructural measures but also discounts targeted specifically at cycling customers.

Media promotion through various channels of the participating CycleLogistics partners further promote this topic to more than 700.000 interested readers.