Plovdiv is the second largest Bulgarian city with a population of about 340.000 people. The city is situated in the center of the southern part of Bulgaria. It is also the administrative centre of Plovdiv Province, as well as the largest and most important city of the historical region of Upper Thrace.

Plovdiv is one of the oldest cities in Europe and is famous for its ancient and diverse culture. The local industries are specialised in food processing, machinery, textiles, brewing, and some chemical industries.



In the course of the project, Energy Agency of Plovdiv is going to distribute cargo bicycles to businesses and municipal services for them to try out implementing the cargo bicycles in their everyday operations. We will look for cooperation with some municipal services such as park maintenance and internal courier services to introduce the use of cargo bikes in the delivery of these services. The goal of this action is this use to be integrated in long-term municipal plans and practices.


With respect to businesses, we are going to contact different businesses (courier services, postal service, newspaper delivery, food delivery, etc) that could incorporate cargo bicycles in their operations. They will have the opportunity to try out cargo bicycles integration within their businesses and analyze the effects of that intervention.


To reach the wider public, a “Shop by Bike” campaign will be implemented during which cargo bicycles will be provided at big retail stores as an opportunity for people to bring their shopping home by a bike rather than by a car.