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FGM-AMOR is a research, consulting and educational company based in Graz, Austria. The company is a private, non-profit organization and has been engaged in a broad range of national and international projects. The main fields of work are mobility management and marketing, innovative transport concepts, as well as project coordination and dissemination of EU-projects. FGM-AMOR is also co-founder of BYPAD (Bicycle Policy Audit) a tool that enables cities and regions to evaluate and improve the cycling policy. In addition FGM-AMOR is the co-coordinator of the ELTIS-Initiative of the EU – the biggest European Information Platform on urban mobility (within the PARAMOUNT project).


European Cyclist's Federation





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Founded in 1983, the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) is the umbrella federation of the national cyclists’ associations in Europe. In 2010 ECF has 65 members in 39 countries.
ECF pledges to ensure that bicycle use achieves its fullest potential so as to bring about sustainable mobility and public well-being.
ECF also runs Velo-city, widely respected as the world’s premier international cycling planning conference series, which seeks to encourage cycling as a part of daily transport and recreation.


Outspoken Delivery





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Outspoken is a cycling services company working in Cambridgeshire.
The core business being a cycle courier service (www.outspokendelivery.co.uk). As the largest cycle courier company of its kind in the UK, they offer efficient and practical delivery solutions to around 200 businesses, Government and University departments in Cambridge. Specially designed freight bicycles are used and the train is also used to offer a high speed courier service into central London. They employ 9 part-time couriers.
They have excellent contacts with some of the larger multinational courier companies (such as TNT) who have expressed interest in using their services further afield.


Agenzia Mobilita'e Impianti Ferrara





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AMI was created in October 2003 and acts as local public authority with competences in planning and organizational issues related to public transport services within the boundaries of the Province of Ferrara. All activities related to public transport service tendering are also included. AMI also has the task to promote actions of mobility management and bike management in provincial areas. Over many years this has been done so effectively and successfully that Ferrara has developed into a true Cycling City.
In addition, the city is interested to lighten goods transportation and to develop inter-modality systems.


Energy Agency of Plovdiv



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Energy Agency of Plovdiv (EAP), Bulgaria, is the first energy management agency established in Bulgaria under the SAVE II program of the European Commission (EC). It is now one of the few such agencies established in Central and Eastern Europe following the decision of the EC in 1999 to expand the program to this region of Europe.
EAP is continuing its activities promoting energy efficiency and clean energies, as well as identifying and developing new energy projects.
EAP has excellent contacts and works in close cooperation with the umbrella association of the Bulgarian Energy Agencies, ABEA, (see LOI) and also to the City of Plovdiv.






Mikael Colville-Andersen
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Cycle Chic / Copenhagenize is a consultancy company that specialises in urban planning and bicycle planning as well as marketing, behavioural and promotion campaigns that promote cycling positively.
The strength of the company's global brands – Copenhagenize & Cycle Chic – forms a solid foundation for their work and the broad readership makes it possible to influence and engage both citizens and policy-makers all over the world.
Cycle Chic / Copenhagenize is the only Danish company in the field that focuses singularly on bicycle culture and transport. They advise cities and towns about bicycle infrastructure solutions as well as producing campaigns for marketing urban cycling and making cycling mainstream. In close cooperation with the City of Copenhagen, Copenhagenize has made cycling a trendy and widely accepted form of transport.


City of Alba Iulia





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Alba Iulia city is the administrative capital of the Alba County. The strategic goal of Alba Iulia is to become a community which generates workplaces, competitiveness, which supports innovation-based economic capacities for (eco)production, in accordance with the strategic policy of the European Union as foreseen by the revised Lisbon strategy and by the community development policies in the region. The effort to build sustainable infrastructure, compliant with European environmental protection regulations, is seen as a pre-condition to attract domestic and foreign investors and increase quality of life for the community.
City administrators demonstrate a clear willingness and experience to change municipal policies in order to achieve objectives that will help the city to come up with sustainable solutions.



Cyclist's Touring Club





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 CTC, the national cycling charity, inspires and helps people to cycle and keep cycling. We work to protect and promote cycling to create a healthier, cleaner world, now and for the future. We want the UK

to be a place where it’s easy and safe for people of all ages to cycle, whatever their ability, background or income.

We believe that cycling is more than just transport; it makes you feel good, gives you a sense of freedom and creates a better environment for everyone. We encourage all types of cycling, on the road or off it. We support you if you already ride, or would like to ride, to work or school, for health, touring, sport and leisure – or just because it’s fun. We’ve been working for cycling for over a century. Nationally and locally, we use our knowledge to influence decision makers and help people discover how cycling can change lives.

* We provide expert, practical help and advice.

* We support individuals and communities.

* We protect cyclists’ interests.

* We campaign to make cycling mainstream and to remove the things that stop people cycling.

* We help people develop the confidence and skills to cycle.

* We promote the benefits of cycling to individuals, to society and to the economy.

CTC is an independent charity, and relies on 70,000 members, volunteers, grant funders and partners for support.

Without them, we would not be able to do our vital work in communities inspiring hundreds of thousands of people

across the UK to cycle. An example of a current campaign directly related to CycleLogistics is their “Keep Posties Cycling” initiative.

CTC opposes Royal Mail’s plans to replace almost all of its bikes with electric trolleys that will be shipped out to

neighbourhoods by van and campaigns to use cargo bikes and tricycles to deliver larger weights of post instead.


International Bicycle Consultancy





Ton Daggers
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IBC Ton Daggers is an organization with headquarter in Utrecht, the Netherlands. IBC has been active for over 20 years in activities and programmes which promote the use of bicycles in urban contexts. Activities vary from large scale import of Completely Knocked Down (CKD) bikes in Central America, through implementation of bicycle infrastructure (Nicaragua, Bogotá) and safety and promotion campaigns.
IBC is also a partner in the GoPedelec! Program which is promoting the use of electric bicycles in European cities. Furthermore IBC is involved in investigations on the function of transport and social cohesion in a global context.
Ton Daggers is also manager of the Cities for Mobility network in the field of non-motorised transport and therefore has excellent contacts to cities and towns not only in the Netherlands but in the whole of Europe.