CYCLELOGISTICS - Living Laboratory

CycleLogistics aims to communicate the topic and potential of the use of bicycles for the transport of various goods to the transport sector, municipalities and service providers. The project encourages also existing bicycle couriers to extend their services to the transportation of heavier goods through the utilization of cargo bicycles.

In order to achieve this,  so called "Living Laboratories" are organised in all partner countries to provide the above mentioned target groups and businesses with a selection of different cargo bikes.  These cargo bikes can be rented for free to enable companies and municipalities to assess which type of cargo bicycle is the most suited for their purposes and could be integrated into their fleets. The different models of cargo bikes available on the market vary with regard to their handling and driving behaviour and it is important that potential new users find the bike that is best suited for their needs.

This activity aims to extend the use of cargo bicycles for light weight delivery companies that are already involved in this field, to trigger new applications in the field, to further the use of cargo bikes for communal services in cities, to improve the frame conditions for deliveries with cargo bicycles, and to further the use of cargo bicycles for small business services in cities.

The “Living Laboratory” aims to get many more cargo bikes on Europe’s inner city roads and also strongly contributes to raising the image of CycleLogistics as a modern way of goods transport that is part of the life style of a city worth living in.