Consumer Tests

CycleLogistics consumer product testing aims to provide information and equipment reviews that can help people move their goods by cycle. The objective of this application area is to ensure potential cargo bike users are well informed about the bikes and related equipment. Potential users include municipal employees, workers in service based businesses and private users. Various cargo bikes, trailers and other equipment will be considered for testing.

Another objective is to achieve a multiplier effect based on the fact that early users can influence buying decisions among their circle of friends and acquaintances.

The Cyclelogistics project makes private individuals and businesses aware how easy and comfortable it is to use bicycles for transporting goods. Because this is a new field for many it is important to provide information about vehicles, vehicle combinations and vehicle equipment available to market actors and customers. For those transporting private goods, the most relevant issues are luggage racks, pannier bags, baskets and trailers.

The consumer test includes the following topics: utility and user-friendliness, ease of use (especially with respect to securing freight on the bike), cost-benefit relationship, technical data, design issues, transport capacity, compatibility of vehicles and various equipment, test usage, equipment components, durability/expected lifespan, others as deemed relevant. Testers have reviewed the products and provided explanation for selection, testing procedures, technical evaluations and conclusions, with interpretations in non-technical language.The test has been carried out by the Danish Cycleing Embassy is is available on the website for download. The test results will be also be presented in magazine style, with product descriptions, photos and ratings.

In addition a product database is available on the webiste. This database shows a selection of cargo bicycles and equipment needed for the transport of goods by bicycle.

Also available on the website are inventory lists for cargo bicycles, baskets & panniers and bicycle trailers that a meant to give an overview of available equipment.

After the CycleLogistics project ends, results of the product testing will remain available, thus fostering the use of moving goods by cycle.